Thursday, May 21, 2009

21 points!

Well, I pushed my DWS Race score up to 21 points for the first time yesterday with a Wizard of Oz horror story sent off to the Shadows of the Emerald City anthology (an Oz horror antho). That makes my 20th story to enter circulation (including the novel).

I've had an unusual number of story ideas lately, despite not being able to spend much time with them (or perhaps because of it). I have a few stories that I need to revise, which always takes longer than I expect, and then I'll be back to writing new stuff. :)


Juliette Wade said...

It's probably one of those "idea" phases. I get them sometimes, for stories and for my blog. Usually with stories, a single idea isn't enough to make a story writable. Three or four of them usually need to come together.

Can you explain this race to those of us who don't know the details?

David Steffen said...

Good question. I added a new post with a link explaining the race and why I like to follow it. I figured it would be more visible that way, as a new thread.