Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gary's Tiny Timmy's Tweets

Tiny Timmy Tweets: Tub Travails

Tiny Timmy loved his bath toys. Except for the whirring one, the hairdryer that Mommy would sometimes toss into the tub. See Timmy splash!

Tiny Timmy hated taking baths. Especially when Mommy held his head underwater to teach him how to count. How much is a gazillion, Timmy?

"Dive, dive!" Tiny Timmy said in the tub, making like a submarine. "You need more ballast," his mom replied. "How about this cinderblock?"

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ColinF said...

These are great. I love how a story can be told in so few words. The topic isn't really my taste, (a bit creepy for me) but the idea is really cool. They're also kinda funny though at the same time.