Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Year in Rejections

It was 1 year ago that I sent out my very first submission, my first novel to Tor. And what a year!

1 novel finished before the year started.
19 short stories written to completion within that year.
31 venues received my submissions.
91 rejections on those stories.

Almost to the century mark for rejections. Lately the trend seems slightly more positive--I've actually gotten a few "almost" replies, and one that's being held for consideration for an anthology. I'm hoping that's a continuing trend and not just a shallow peak. Here's hoping! Who knows what the next year will bring.

I am a little bit curious what the big 3 digit rejection will be, the big one oh oh!


Gary said...

"Who knows what the next year will bring"? Success, of course. Assuming you continue to stay the course.

David Steffen said...

I hope so!

David Steffen said...

I could really use a sale to get me going!

Jordan Lapp said...

how do you get 91 rejections on 31 submissions??? Are editors especially cruel to you or something?

David Steffen said...

31 magazines, not 31 submissions.
Some magazines I have received many rejections from. I could make a window shade with all my F&SF rejection slips, for instance.